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Lets all make some Memories!?

14 May
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Here's what you need to know about me :

Hi, I'm Kayla. OR you can just call me Kappa. Doesn't matter just as long as it isn't dumb sounding. I love Yamada Ryosuke and Takaki Yuya. There just hott aren't they? I am obsessed with watching jdramas. I've already started these :

- Seito Shokun!
- Liar Game
- Sexy Voice and Robo
- Akihabara@deep
- Tantei Gakuen Q
- Engine
- One's first love ( forgot original title but Kame drama )
- Sh15uya
- Kimi wa petto
- check it out yo!
- worst by chance
- Deep love
- Aikurushii
- Gachibaka
- Hinokio
- Hanayome to papa
- The Locker
- Densha Otoko
- I don't want a laughable love (forgot original title)
- Delicious Gakuen
- 14 sai no haha
- and many more.

Most I finished

That's not all about me. I support Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia because thats my nationality.
They also have the very lovely Golf - Mike which I love. I am proud to be Asian as well.
But Besides all that I love JE, food, candy, reading, and sleeping. I also LOVE AAA aka Attack all around. I SUPPORT SHUTA X YUKARI AND YUKARI X SHINJIRO because I think its cute.

I don't think we can get along if..

* You pair Golf x Mike because there brothers for goodness sake. Its NASTY!
* Your Rude
* Your a Wannabe
* You try to hard
* You act like your the coolest person ever.

Thats it. Other than that. Please feel free to add me. I don't really go on as much but I will gurantee I'll add you back, I'm friendly, and we probably have a lot in common.

The Takaki Yuya :

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Y&Y is the Best.

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Lets all support Yukari Goto!!You'll definitly be missed. Come back soon and show us you're alright!

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