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Jun. 14th, 2007


Can you tell me the name and artist of this song.


Jun. 13th, 2007

I'm not dead. Really.

I am not dead still alive. But I only have 20 minutes to post actually. I am sort of busy so yeah. School ends tomorrow. But then Today I found the most shocking thing about AAA


This is no fair! My favorite girl member GONE!! My love for AAA is still alive but I think it died 50% because I really loved ShinjiroxYukari and ShutaxYukari. Hopefully she'll become another famous person maybe a actress? I hope so. UGH! SO ANGRY!! Chiaki better not touch Shuta or Shinjiro. I dunno I am such a fan of Chiaki but she gets on my nerves a lot.


Chinen is a wonderful singer and Yamada is really cute. TOO cute. Cuteness overload. Takahasshi is just to amazing.

Also Morning Musume's Miki Fujimoto and Yoshizawa Hitomi left too. This wasn't a good year.

Also I feel kinda depressed. I know can you make me a Tegoshi Yuya x Risa Niigaki Fanfic.

Or Shuta x Yukari and Yukari x Shinjiro. I'm need something to make me happy.

May. 26th, 2007

(no subject)

Remember Ryosuke Yamada in Tantei Gakuen Q. Well it seems instead of just a special they made it into a real jdrama. Yay! I just hope Shida Mirai doesn't touch him like the special I have nothing against her. It's just the real Megu wasn't that annoying.

Here's some info:

(Note: Scroll all the way to bottom the other info is for the special.)

I sorta have mixed feelings for this drama. When I read in an interview that Yamada really wanted to act in a drama again, I wanted it to be like a school drama. Oh Well I am REALLY happy.

May. 14th, 2007


SHH!!! Right now my parents and sister are making me food and preparing for a mini party downstairs. Oohh!! I wonder what my presents are! Well today at school I got a lot of b-days!! Made me so happy! My teacher gave me candy! XDD Everyone knows I'm candy obsessed. and Johnny's too

On may12 we went to Japantown in san fran. It was so cool! WE took Purikura!! Then we went to Pier 39. It was so cool. Well gotta go.

Happy late B-day to Yamada and Fukasawa!

Apr. 26th, 2007


Hi!!! Haven't played in weeks. So anyone please someone update me on johnny's or any news. Because I am not up to date. Happy B-day Kiera. I hope this year will be better than the last for you.

Speaking of birthdays. A lot has been coming in May. Here's what I know.

May 4 - Mom
May 5 - Fukasawa Tatsuya ( J.J.Express ) IS this wrong or right?
May 10 - Ryunosuke Kamiki
May 14 - MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay!!
May 17 - Izaki twins ( Flame )
May 17 - Toshi ( Dash!! ) Unknown band called a Mini LEAD. Rumoured to debut
May 19 - Shida Mirai
May 22 - Chinami Tokunaga ( Berryz Koubou )

Thats all I know. Sorry if I missed some. Come and tell me please.

Mar. 27th, 2007


WHY DID THEY CUT YAMADA"S PARTS IN PLEASEX3!? There I was sitting in the desk waiting for his solo but nooooooooo. They cut all of his parts!!. Is he sick. Or something else. wow I really am a yamada fangirl XD

AAA's Shuta Sueyoshi and Takaki Yuya look alike.

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I'm too lazy to find the perfect pic of Takaki he always looks perfect!

Mar. 14th, 2007

My New Obsession

Okay, My New Obsession is AAA, As you can see by the Icon my favorite members are Yukari Goto and Shinjiro Atae. My fave Pairing as well. If you don't know them you can go check them out. They got really cool songs like Samurai Heart, Virgin F, and Hurricane RiRi Boston Mari. Go watch them and tell me what you think.

At school I kinda of made my teacher trip and almost fall. Sorry! Every week it seems we always get presentations. Spectacular. Not.

I saw NEWS New version of Hoshi Wo Mezashite, and I love Yamapi's hair its so amazing.
I also noticed Ryutaro come out with the Jrs. Isn't he suppose to be with Yamada and Yuto! KEEP THE YAMAMOTOTO strong! BUT I like how the put him up front now.

Mar. 3rd, 2007

Sorry for my Intrest in Dramas

Its been weeks since I posted, Because of my love of dramas. I haven't stopped watching them. I really loved "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu" Mostly because my favorite actress's are in it. Shida Mirai and Fukada Mayuko. It was sweet,funny,and cute. The 2nd special was really good too. The leading boy was really really cute. But I don't know his name. Can anyone tell me?
What shocked me was they said he looked like a johnny's type in the show. He does for real. Except I never seen him dance since I DON"T KNOW HIS NAME. I watch Kanata Hongo's new show,too. I really love that show. Kanata's facial expressions = LOVE.


-----I need to rant now. YaY! Shige cut his hair in the new PV. I think he cut it at least.
Takaki's back in the yayayah livestage looked rock hard. XD . New Member in JJE. 8 members in the backdance. Haven't seen Yamada and Yuto in so long. My love for Yamada is always #1 though but Takaki keeps slipping in. Nikaido and Hikaru too.

My life

I have a big Bandage wrap over my arm because I can't itch it. It seems to be healing though from all the cuts I had from scratching. At school one of my best friends is going to ask my crush out. We both like him. She knows I USED to like him but i told her not anymore. She thinks he likes her too. PLEASE! I hope nothing happens. What a backstabber.
If Yamada was mine I'd show him off in front of her, Just Keeding!!
My grades seem to keep going downer and downer. I'm trying to bring the up REALLY! And I got my first detention. Whoopee. Not. I just found out that I'm way taller than Yamada. Wow And he's older than me.



Bye for now, I gotta pee
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Feb. 20th, 2007

I think i'm dead .

I always want to post on other peoples post and I do but the next day its not there.
I have my music up to like LOUD! like deafening but I haven't turned it down or my ears didn't burst yet.
I went on a JE video spree all day and still haven't watched anything funny. But I did watch the Hyakushiki again with Takaki in it and started laughing at Takaki's facial expressions. My family started to stare. I am finding pictures of Candy like everywhere and laughing. I'm crazy O_o I can't stop looking at Ryo's teeth. I think that spinning ride at Reno broke my brain and the smoke from the casino's effected my head. XD.

Did anyone notices Ai Takabe graduated with Shoon? I have seen some people talking about it. But She was like my favorite actress after watching Gachibaka, Next to Shida Mirai and Maki Horikita. I wonder f Ai and Shoon are friends? She was also in Shimokita sundays with Taisuke.

I had a dream that Ya-ya-yah debut! But the weirdest part was that they debuted with Kohei?
Kohei and Inoo I think. It was either Kohei or Inoo. Sorry if that didn't make sense.XD

Goes off to download some Youtachi videos

Feb. 8th, 2007

(no subject)

Does anyone have a Myspace? Wanna add me? Comment? I'm kind of new, not quite but sort of. And would like more friends.

Okay, on to the real stuff. Today rained, so no MILE RUN! Yay!!! I was
also thinking. " I really need a life, want to see my schedule.
- Sleep
- sleep
- sleep
- sleep
- resting time
- eat
- music
- music
- sports
- Johnny's.
Yep, I need one. Its just boring to be a kid. Barely any privileges at all. Especially having a newborn too. We don't do anthing. I barely sleep anymore. WHICH SUCKS. I can't wait till soccer season starts because my life is no fun.. RANDUMB : WHEN WILL KUSANO AND UCHI MAKE A TV APPEARANCE! WTF is Trainee's anyways. For all I know they should just join Morning Musume. They'll have at least more privilages. BUT I must Thank Kitagawa for letting them still be a Johnny Boy and not fire them. But work Fast Kitagawa and let me see them. I hope Kusano's hair is shorter but not like Koki! It looks nice on Koki but not on Kusano
And give Uchi that black nice cute hair like the mag shoot. PLEASE!
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